Service & Shop Rates


Sports ltd has been known for 40 years as one of the premier boot fitting shops in Tahoe.  We have the biggest selection of boots you will find around the lake.  

Think you know what the boot fitting experience is like, because of your last experience?  If you haven't bought new boots in the last 3 years, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Boots are just like the phones in our pockets.  You should upgrade them on a regular basis.  Materials change, plastics get lighter, liners get warmer and boots come in all shapes and sizes now.  Long gone are the days of "I'm a Nordica foot" and "I'm used to Lange bang".  Most manufacturers build narrow, medium and wide boots combined with the flex you will need.  And Sports ltd has the inventory to have you covered.  

All boot work received after 3pm will be treated as overnight service and be ready for pickup the following morning.

Boot Fitters Tip: 

1. Give yourself at least 45 minutes for a boot fit.  Some will not take that long and some will take longer.  But, on average 45 minutes is a good starting point.  During peak times there will be a wait just to get on the bench, reservations are recommended.  

2. Come prepared, with a CLEAN, THIN ski/sb sock, not on your feet, but in your hands to change into.  The thinner the better.  If you do not have one, don't worry we have them.  We recommend Smartwool socks.  

3. There has been an increase in backcountry or 50/50 ski boots.  Don't worry, we have you covered here too.  But the interface between the boots and the bindings are critical and may require a new binding purchase with your new boot.  Just wanted to give you a head's up.    

4.  Last but not least, if you decide to purchase your boots from us, any boot work you need moving forward is included with the purchase of the boot.  If you bring your boot in from another shop or the internet, labor rates start at $100/hr with a minimum of 1/2 hr. assessment.

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Our shop is outfitted exclusively with the Wintersteiger tuning equipment.  Combined with 40 years of ski/sb tech experience your skis/sb's are in good hands, while they are here.  

Buying new equipment from us or bringing in equipment you already have, all ski/sb mounts include a new ski/sb pre (temperature wax and ceramic edging).  

Shop tip:  Bring your skis/sb to us in the morning instead of the evening and you will have a better chance of getting you gear back quicker.

Labor rates for custom shop requests are $100/hr minimum of 1/2 hr. plus parts, if applicable.