Our premier ultralight powder ski for untracked lines, steep faces and technical objectives in deep conditions, the Helio 116 features a new pre-preg carbon fiber layup with improved dampness for a smoother ride while remaining extremely light with stiff,

Invictus 99 Ti

With an award-winning frame, the Invictus 99 Ti doesn’t take days off. A ski designed by skiers for skiers, the 99 Ti rewrites the speed limit with a lively metal laminate and dampening Intelligrid that increases response and controls chatter. Hard-pack?
$875.00 $525.00

Kendo 88 Flat

The brand new Kendo 88 sets the tone for 50/50 frontside/backside skis in the 2019/20 season with a new shape featuring Völkl's revolutionary 3D Radius Sidecut design, and the proven Titanal Frame construction that first debuted on the M5 Mantra.
$649.00 $389.40

Kenja 88 Flat

The new Kenja 88 brings a new level of smoothness and stability for 50/50 frontside/backside skiers. Its new setup features Völkl's revolutionary 3D Radius Sidecut design, and the proven Titanal Frame construction that first debuted on the Secret.
$649.00 $389.40

Laser AR

The newest addition to the Laser family, the AR struck testers as a frontside carver that could handle bumps and crud, but definitely preferred groomed terrain.


Enjoy fresh powder in the morning. Rip tight turns on the slope in the afternoon. The re-engineered AX with its new FEC adaptive technology makes it all possible. The more pressure you apply in the turns, the smaller the rocker is, and the correspondingly
$1,199.00 $719.40


Rocker in the tips and tails with traditional camber underfoot adds playful maneuverability and float, while retaining energy and edge grip
$800.00 $240.00


Matt’s ...Lost RNF brought modern contours to a classic surf shape. The RNF snowboard does just that to a classic swallow tail snowboard. A floaty early rise nose on a taper angled, tail positive carvy elliptical sidecut chassis with plenty of width and s
$649.99 $519.99

Mantra 102 Flat

The Mantra 102 handles the days between storms with ease thanks to its new 3D Radius sidecut design, with three distinct radii that work together to allow an incredibly short turn on such a wide ski with no loss in float or stability.
$749.00 $449.40

Mantra M5 Flat

The iconic Mantra was the first ski if its kind to master everything from powder to ice with ease. Then the key innovation on the 5th generation was a new way of arranging the metal layers called Titanal Frame: the metal sections follow the ski shape in t
$699.00 $419.40

Master Series

This high performance directional freeride machine was designed by Chris to go fast, rip the whole mountain, but keeping it flexy enough to butter your muffin.
$499.00 $399.20

Mind Expander Split

$899.95 $719.96

Mindbender 85 Alliance

Step into a realm of new possibilities. Open up your conception of what you can do on skis with the new Mindbender 85. For your first forays beyond the groomed runs and expanding your mountain ambitions, drop in with the Mindbender 85 Alliance Skis.
$399.95 $239.97

Mindbender 90 Alliance

When you need something that’s easy to bend but stands up to full-on charging, the K2 Mindbender 90c Alliance is the only option. String it up for your first freeride whip or push off confidently into the bumps. These energized skis harness the Carbon Spe
$499.95 $299.97

Mindbender 90 Ti

Not every day is hero pow and waist-deep trenchtown. But when that high pressure sets in, you still gotta put ‘em down and rip. So take on the hardpack, the blown out sastrugi – yeah that’s a word – and churn and burn no matter what’s in front of you on t
$649.95 $389.97

Mindbender 99 Ti

Quick edge-to-edge? Check. Absurd float in pow? Oh you bet. You might be surprised to hear that the the Mindbender 99ti only clocks in at 99 underfoot – it definitely hits above it’s weight. Toss in that Y-Beam and you’ll be wondering where the speed limi
$699.95 $419.97

Mini Turbo

The first step toward linking turns, and the first step toward on-snow independence. We’ve aimed to help speed up progression by building the K2 Mini Turbo snowboard using our Catch-Free Rocker Baseline™ and Noodle™ construction, giving groms the ability
$199.95 $159.96

Montane 35

Intended to tackle variable mountainous terrain, the Montane provides strength and articulation for uncompromised technical hiking. This shoe features the Mountain Hiking necessities such as a heel lift bar and Spring-Loaded™ Suspension, but sets itself a
$199.95 $149.96


Riding powder is like hiking into a backcountry camping trip. Once you’re past the trailhead, if you have the right gear there’s nothing better. If you have the wrong gear, there’s nothing worse. The Navigator is your fire starter; it is your compass that
$449.95 $359.96


Explore winter. The Evo OT 65 Positrack bridges the gap between off-trail skiing and backcountry touring. Wide dimensions and partial metal edges enhance stability and edge control for off-trail snow conditions.


The PIEPS POWDER BT is the high performance beacon with PIEPS APP-connectivity.

Poparazzi Rocker

The Poparazzi features a lively, comfortable flex, and user-friendly shape that will keep you on-hill until the last chair. In building the Poparazzi, we sought to design an affordable but high performing snowboard that would allow you to work less and ri
$359.99 $287.99


The OG stubby Pow surfer is a staple in our Quiver series for good reason - the reinvented pow surfer offers unstoppable float and a surf like quickness to any type of terrain, without hurting your wallet.
When something works, don't change it to say you
$429.95 $343.96


Pack your skis and go. Our Premium Padded Ski Bag holds two pairs of alpine skis for travel by plane, train or car. The roll-top design lets you adjust the size to meet the length of your skis. It's padded for impact coverage and fits skis up to 210cm lon
$190.00 $152.00